Community Outreach and Intervention Support Services

We enhance the marketing of, participation in, and effectiveness of outreach programs to patients aimed to promote healthy lifestyle modifications to endeavor well populations. APS finds the right mix of messaging, audience targeting, readability levels of materials, outreach mechanisms, use of key informants and community leaders, all with the ability to tailor communication at the appropriate level of patient literacy and with regard to appropriate cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Prescription Drug Plan Analysis & Medication Therapy Management

Your company's prescription drug benefit is costly. It is important to hold down your total spend yet provide adequate coverage for employees to keep them healthy, positive, and productive. Prescription drug plans often are crafted with considerable waste and end up serving the opposite way in which they are intended. Our Associates can identify means to get more out of your prescription drug plan.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

The effective use of HIT includes, but is not limited to vendor selection, product/service-organization fit, training of personnel for its use, tapping its entire capabilities, assessing its utility on process and outcomes of care, and monitoring its performance. Associates at APS are knowledgeable of HIT vendors, implications for use of HIT within an organization and its linkage for patients to other systems in health care delivery, and assessing the cost:benefit of various vendors and implementation strategies for HIT.

Pharmacy Academic Program Success

A successful academic pharmacy program, whether new or long-standing, faces an abundance of challenges and opportunities wherein even the best College-level administrators are benefited by consultation with experts on ACPE self-studies and site visits. At the same time, ACPE accreditation is but one albeit very important goal of schools/colleges of pharmacy. APS has experts with successful track records in academic leadership, program development, research, scholarship, mentoring, enhancements in faculty and staff development, interprofessional education initiatives and noteworthy practice development in assessment of mission effectiveness, faculty engagement, and marketing/attracting greater numbers of high-quality student applicants to your program.


Many smaller foundations, health systems, and other organizations have the potential to acquire extramural funds for noteworthy projects that enhance effectiveness and improve care and outreach to various populations, particularly the underserved. Grantsmanship involves technical writing, editorial skills, scientific acumen, knowledge of research designs and analysis strategies, as well as the right mix of persons to include in grant proposals and the appropriate in-kind contributions of the applicant, along with adequate fit of organizational mission. APS has experienced researchers and grant-writers who have acquired millions of dollars of extramural funds from government agencies, philanthropies, pharmaceutical companies, and other.

Operations Management Strategies

These strategies are derived from root cause analysis and evaluation of functions, roles, responsibilities, assets, and infrastructure in the production, sale, distribution, and delivery of pharmacy goods and services. Included in the strategy analysis and derivation are personnel, distribution equipment and processes, health information technology, and other support systems. These are conducted through a thorough gathering of data careful analysis using multivariate statistical procedures.

APS provides consultation, conducts research, and performs systematic inquiries in a number of areas that can improve the performance of your pharmacy or health care organization. The single-source strategies affect interconnected components of your business thus optimizing efficiency and outcomes of your entire enterprise. Areas that APS can address include all of the following, and more.